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Spotted: Heidi Montag Driving A Ferrari California

This can’t be true. Maybe it’s a late April fools joke?

We’d be shocked if this Ferrari really was Heidi Montag‘s but we’re guessing she was just borrowing it for filming yet another upcoming reality show. Heidi was spotted pulling up in the red Ferrari California outside the Geisha House in West Hollywood over the weekend with camera crews by her side.

Heidi Montag Ferrari California

Heidi Montag Ferrari California

She and husband Spencer Pratt were also spotted out in the Ferrari earlier in the day but we’re still not completely convinced this wasn’t just a “daily rate” rental. Anyone know for sure?

Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Ferrari California

5 Responses to Spotted: Heidi Montag Driving A Ferrari California

  1. pinkdiamonds says:

    Wow I didn’t know this stupid plastic bitch was still alive I thought she crawled into a trash dumpster and died or something hmmm and she’s still married to that psychopath with the creepy flesh colored beard? Wow I thought they divorced months ago, hmm oh yeah I’m sure this is an April fools joke for sure hehe yes I’m sure it was a one or two day rental, I thought someone said she or they were poor now? Seriously anyway it probably killed them to rent it for one it two days cause its so expensive u know I’m sure they already returned it hey Heidi your Boobs aren’t big enough why is she so fucking fake? She’s fake from head to toe inside and out! Or yeah some tv company just lent it to her for a few days for another stupid reality show! OMG please bitch please go away no body cares you have no talent and your so average looking

  2. Costa Mesa Toyota says:

    Yes, I also heard her saying on an interview that her and Spencer Pratt are poor now! She said that she should have saved all her money as she’s broke now and she also said she regretted the surgery. I don’t like Heidi but I do like LC and Audrina.

  3. isaacjson says:

    Don’t hate please

  4. pinkdiamonds says:

    Oh God Isaacjson would u please just fuck off already? I don’t think anyone really hates this bitch but shes just so fucking fake from head to toe your comment has been deleted! Cause nobody cares about your opinion

  5. tyre changing machines says:

    Last week we saw Akon’s new Porsche Panamera and we also mentioned he has a whole garage full of white cars. We what better to have in there than a white Ferrari 458.

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