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Beckham Rolls To The Studios In His Camaro

David Beckham was spotted leaving a taping of Jimmy Kimmel live in his new matte gray Chevy Camaro built by Platinum Motorsport. We really think this car is a great choice for Becks…don’t you??

David Beckham Chevy Camaro


Source: X17 Online

4 Responses to Beckham Rolls To The Studios In His Camaro

  1. pinkdiamonds says:

    Whoa no way man its ugly as sin and WTF why would he be driving a shity ass American car like this anyway? Hmmm werid, drive your Rolls-Royce more often man and your tricked out Porsche! Your so fucking filthy rich u don’t need to drive a cheap American car like that! And the paint job makes it even worse no way man this is not a good choice for Becks does he have a Ferrari? He should!

  2. isaacjson says:

    makes me reconsider about buying American cars, NOT!

  3. Steve says:

    Very cool car! GM is making some neat stuff these days!

  4. Phantom says:

    Camaros are pure badass. People who say its a shitty cheap american car should take a look at what they drive.

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