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David Beckham – Rolling His Matte Gray Camaro

David Beckham's Matte Gray Camaro

David Beckham is a man of style and kicking your Porsche Turbo to the curb for a Chevrolet Camaro is one good way to show off!  I’m pretty surprised that he stayed with the “matte” theme as it’s getting a little played out but either way he’s got enough money that it really doesn’t matter.  The car was built by Platinum Motorsport and until now we weren’t prepared to bring it up as we wanted proof that Beckham was really driving it!  Well thanks to X17 we can confirm, this is David Beckham’s Camaro!

David Beckham's Camaro

Source: X17Online & Jalopnik (for beating us to the story)

5 Responses to David Beckham – Rolling His Matte Gray Camaro

  1. Used Cars Virginia Beach says:

    This guy’s got all the good cars; this Camaro, the Porsche that was sold on Ebay and I think him and his wife got a Benley too (not sure on that one though).

  2. Ambient says:

    Now that everybody and their dog has a Camaro, there’s nothing that special about them.

  3. Tyq says:

    I wonder if its tuned.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Why did he get rid of that nice Porsche! Stupid decision becks

  5. banks power says:

    It’s not just on sports where Beckham shows what he got but also in choosing the perfect ride for him which is the Camaro that shows a lot of engine power, speed and torque just like him when he plays on the field. The Camaro is truly a great choice of car for him.

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