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50 Cent Leaves His Workout In A Rolls Royce

We’d be motivated to go to the gym too if we knew we’d be rollin there in a Rolls Royce. 50 Cent was recently spotted leaving his morning workout in a blue Rolls Royce. Not a bad way to start your day…

50 Cent Rolls Royce

50 Cent Rolls Royce

5 Responses to 50 Cent Leaves His Workout In A Rolls Royce

  1. Alex says:

    I like the fact that dr dre (to his left) went to the gym on a bike!

  2. Nissan Los Angeles says:

    Is that dr dre for reals on a bike? Hard to believe! 50 got a nice sweet Rolls. I wonder if he’s really dating Chelsey Handler.

  3. isaacjson says:

    Wonder he still owns collections shown on MTV

  4. electric car says:

    i would love a rolls royce. 50 cents knows what a gangsta drive. i must admit i haven’t always had time for 50, but you have to respect his choice of cars. i guess with his money, it doesn’t even matter. but i go to the gym on a tram 🙂

  5. Supercar Forum for Auto Enthusiasts says:

    haha i bet hes got a gym in his house, just wants to show off the car.

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