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Paris Hilton’s New Lexus LFA

Paris Hilton’s big birthday bash was last night and even though her actual birthday isn’t until tomorrow, it looks like her boyfriend Cy Waits just couldn’t wait to give her a brand new 2012 Lexus LFA. The new LFA goes 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and has 552 hp! The car starts at a whopping $375,000 and we’re just guessing but when you’re buying something for Paris Hilton you probably know better than to go with a base model so Cy probably forked out a whole lot more for a fully loaded model.

Do you think Paris can handle 552 hp on Rodeo Drive? We’ll see!

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA

10 Responses to Paris Hilton’s New Lexus LFA

  1. manuk says:



  2. Tyq says:

    Im sorry but this is retarded. She has no idea whats she driving. This is a state of the art car, a beast with gazzilion settings but all she sees are the pretty lights inside with the digital dash that can be adjusted and the pretty pretty paintjob. Only people who can appreciate such cars should own them. Its just wrong on so many levels.

  3. brian says:

    is she grabbing for the keys or the gear shift? just sayin…

  4. manuk says:

    why did she tweet the yellow lexus was a joke and she got a white one? whats up with that? anyone know?

  5. Lincoln Los Angeles says:

    Manuk, Paris said on a radio interview this morning with Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 kiis fm that it was a joke. The real car is white, the yellow one was a joke! Ryan said “Paris you must REALLY like yellow”. That’s when she mentioned the real one was white.

  6. manuk says:

    i could imagine it’s quite hard to get a hold of two LFA, and all for a joke? what crazy world are we livin in?

  7. JoeM says:

    @manuk I imagine it would be easier than you think in Beverly Hills, I’m just surprised and relieved that they didn’t opt for the pink that Lexus offers

  8. Lindsay says:

    I have a Lamborghini murcielago which beats that. We also both have rolls royce ghosts!!!! LOL!

  9. celebrity smile says:

    Paris is so beautiful with a wining smile….that celebrity smile

  10. pinkdiamonds says:

    Yeah its a waste of a nice car for a slut that can’t even drive what the fuck she doesn’t need some ugly troll to bye her a really expensive car like that she can bye it her self yes oh but he probably said hey Paris can I have 400,000$ I need to buy something then he buys her this car with her money and she’s totally clueless about the whole thing! I don’t know who this Cy guy is but he doesn’t look rich that’s for sure he just needs her as a human ATM machine the color is so ugly and she said the real one is white! Yuck even worse! Well I guess yellow is worse but yeah whatever dude get silver or black bitch this whole scene is so fucking fake she has a microphone attached to the back of her dress for heavens sake its all for show and publicity they deserve each other they are an older version of Spencer and Heidi all they want is the fame oh look at me I’m famous! Especially the guy she’s with hey Paris newsflash he’s just using u so he can become famous for doing nothing just like your frienamie Kim Kardashian famous for doing nothing and get ready for the big D in about three months after they are married seriously man

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