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Justin Bieber Hops Out Of An Escalade

In honor of the recent “Bieber Fever” over the new “Never Say Never” film that premiered in Los Angeles earlier tonight, we thought we’d post a recent photo of Justin hoping out of a Cadillac Escalade although it’s not quite as exciting as some of the other cars we’ve spotted him.

Justin Bieber Cadillac EscaladeScream, shout, cry, or just simply shake your head in disgust if you want but “the Biebs” has it going on right now and his cars will just keep getting better so keep your eyes peeled people!

2 Responses to Justin Bieber Hops Out Of An Escalade

  1. limo hire says:

    Cool guy, He is Uk this month taking my kids to see him, they are crazy about him.

  2. Alan Garcia says:

    What model of escalade is it and of what year is that escalade ? Why ia this picture the only one of the internet of Justin Bieber with an Escalade ? He has been droven around thousands of times in a Cadillac Escalade and it’s the only pic of him in an Escalade, I really don’t get it. Some blogs say he has his own Black Escalade that he sometimes drives but I think that’s untrue considering that if you search for all the cars he has you won’t find the Escalade because it’s not mentionned as being part of his cars like the ferrari f430, range rover, cadillac ct-v, porshe 911, etc…

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