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The Return of the Mercedes-Benz C11: The GWA Ciento Once

Like other cars that have the sheer elegance and ability of a supercar, the Mercedes-Benz C11 dazzled enthusiasts during its original release in the 1970, surpassing design and performance standards like no other vehicle. Thanks to the folks at  GWA Tuning, the present world can have a look of what might be one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

GWA Ciento Once

The GWA Ciento Onse is a modern reproduction of the C11 with a bad-ass M120 Mercedes Unit powered by a V12 engine that draws 408 hp. It has the same braking system as the S55 with an adjustable suspension. The body is structured with advanced aerodynamics and is made with Aluminum, so you could only imagine it like a huge speeding bullet on the road.

The interior of the Ciento Onse would tickle every celebrity’s taste. The seats feature a 70’s inspired plaid pattern, as well as aluminum brake pads, shiny door sills, and a radio and air conditioning taken from the W120R unit.

GWA Ciento Once 3

Who do you think, among famous celebrity car enthusiasts and collectors, will be the first ones to own a GWA Ciento Once?

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