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The Govenator Gets A Ticket On His G-Wagon

Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is done being California’s
governor, he should expect things like this to happen more often.
His Mercedes-Benz G550 was parked way over the 5-minute loading
area, and the ticket guy was there to give the legend a souvenir.
No worries though, it seems that he’ll just brush it off like the
rest of us would do. As a side note, he needs to get that G-Wagon
to Platinum Motorsports for a nice presidential treatment!


The Govenator Gets A Ticket On His G-Wagon

Source: TMZ

4 Responses to The Govenator Gets A Ticket On His G-Wagon

  1. Matt says:

    That’s one of the older g wagon’s used in the army. not the recent ones

  2. RUFke says:


    It’s not that old, the ones used in the army are pretty much basic and stiped down.

  3. swwwww says:

    while it is an older one, it is not the army ones. You can clearly tell by the front grill. the new ones are chrome

  4. Ambro says:

    Yes, definitely not a G550, but a G500. You can tell by the grille.

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