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Spotted: Julia Roberts In A Prius

Even one of the most respected and successful actresses in Hollywood drives a Prius. Julia was spotted getting back to her white Prius after visiting a friend in Santa Monica.  We’re really hoping that in a years time we see Julia Roberts in a Chevrolet Volt.  Fingers crossed.

Julia Roberts- Prius

3 Responses to Spotted: Julia Roberts In A Prius

  1. Atlanta Honda Shop Carland says:

    Prius seems to be a hot car in Hollywood. I think Leo drives one too (Dicaprio) as does Cameron Diaz.

    • Celebrity Cars says:

      It definitely is the car of choice for many celebrities. We like the new electric Chevy Volt though and hope to see some of our more environmentally friendly celebrities make the switch! 🙂

  2. Ambient says:

    Oh please, EVERY celeb that owns a prius also has a Range, Escalade, Cayenne, etc. as well. So much for the earth lovers.

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