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Paris Hilton In A Cop Car?

At first we thought she did something bad again, but apparently she just took  the term "police escort" too much by riding shotgun in a cop car! Paris and new BFF Brooke Mueller dined together and when they came out of the restaurant, a swarm of paparazzi scared the heiress (as if she's not used to it already!).

Paris Hilton- Cop CarSource: X17online

2 Responses to Paris Hilton In A Cop Car?

  1. manuk says:

    I heard she was actually shooting a commercial with the cops. no escort.

  2. Chevrolet Harrisburg PA says:

    Everything Paris Hilton does it’s a news next day. Don’t get me wrong I think she is a nice girl, but I think she is not using her popularity in the right way. She should take advantage of the position she is and try to do more and better.

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