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Paris Hilton Films Show In A Yukon Hybrid

Paris was spotted with her driver in a Yukon Hybrid yesterday while running around Los Angeles filming her new reality show The World According to Paris. We have to say this is definitely one Hybrid we agree on. Lets just hope she doesn’t try to wrap it in Pink.

Paris Hilton Yukon Hybrid

Source: Splash News

3 Responses to Paris Hilton Films Show In A Yukon Hybrid

  1. Honda Dealer Atlanta says:

    I can’t wait to see her new reality show. I’m sure it will be fab plus we’ll get to see her Bentley make an appearance.

  2. Ambient says:


    Can’t figure out why they keep giving shows to this irrelevant piece of trash.

  3. Best Car Insurance Rate says:

    Her new reality show will do well because people love celebrities. Her Yukon Hybrid is a good choice because Yukon’s are a nice looking SUV and the hybrid just gets you more miles per gallon. She can drive anything she wants so it’s good that some of the time she gets driven around in a vehicle that makes sense.

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