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Lindsay Lohan’s Brand New Range Rover ONYX

Lindsay Lohan is the proud owner of a new Range Rover, and
she made sure she let her fans know about it on Twitter: “Thanks
@Trevkgimotors and Amber at Germanindependent.org for the ONYX
range rover”. Word on the street is that this was gifted to
Lindsay. Are you kidding me. I think she can afford to
buy her own ride!
Lindsay Lohan Range Rover ONYX

Lindsay Lohan Range Rover
Source: RangeRovers.net

10 Responses to Lindsay Lohan’s Brand New Range Rover ONYX

  1. Car Tuning says:

    Right, I can’t believe she went with the ONYX car tuning company! They do make some pretty nice Range Rovers, but mad expensive…

  2. Atlanta Honda Dealerships says:

    I don’t think Lindsay has as much money as you may think; she had to pay for her rehab at Betty Ford which was exorbitantly expensive at like $60k a month or something. She hasn’t had a hit movie in years plus she can’t get new movie roles due to the fact that she is uninsurable. If she had $ she wouldn’t be renting in Venice but living in a mansion.

  3. Celebrity Cars says:

    I think she has all the money she really needs.

  4. sunbeam says:

    i think usual policy is for the company to loan the car and let them use it. i read that tiger woods was loaned buicks when he was advertising them and the escalade he crashed outside his house was also a loaner from GM, which owns buick.

    either way, she has already damaged it on her garage door. driving around in a scratched range rover is not cool, if its yours or just a loaner.

  5. Knowhat says:

    Celebrity Cars :I think she has all the money she really needs.

  6. andy says:

    its called royalties people,

  7. Online Shopping says:

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