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Lindsay Lohan Beats Her New Range Rover

Remember when we told you she was gifted a sweet Range Rover Onyx recently? Well she parked it inside her new garage and when she closed the door, it smashed right through the rear bumper. Ouch! If we see her in a new car soon, it means she ditched the Range Rover because of this mishap. What a spoiled brat!

Lindsay Lohan-RangeRover-parkingmishap

Source: TMZ

5 Responses to Lindsay Lohan Beats Her New Range Rover

  1. KeLoG says:

    I don’t think we will, her personal net worth is less than $100,000. She’s screwed.

  2. ambient says:

    That is the dumbest B#@%$ to ever hit Hollywood! The dumb@@$s will probably just give her another one.

  3. sunbeam says:

    she does seem quite clumsy and not the most responsible person in the world.
    christ!, i hope she doesnt own a firearm. its bad enough she has a drivers license.

  4. MaxBR says:

    I guess if that she died of an OD nobody would miss her.

  5. San Francisco Land Rover says:

    I don’t think she’s doing too bad financially. She hasn’t done a movie in a while but she has a line of leggings out that I heard is selling pretty well. Plus I’m sure she cashes in by tipping off the papparazi and selling them shots/tipping them off etc.

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