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Does Ashton Kutcher Have A Ferrari California?

First off, Happy New Year!

Next up, a reader sent in this tip about with Ashton Kutcher with Ferrari California.  He said it’s a been around for a bit but did we really miss this?  Anyone know if he owns this or what the story was?

Ashtong Kutcher Ferrari California

Thanks for the tip RUFke!

3 Responses to Does Ashton Kutcher Have A Ferrari California?

  1. manuk says:

    thats the car he drove in his latest movie, but that pic is actually in his driveway

  2. marnik says:

    Isn’t that the house were they shot the video of Justin Bieber getting a Lamborghini lp560-4 from P. Diddy …?
    That give away wasn’t real anyway … just for attention i guess .

  3. jww says:

    He tweeted this picture a few months ago asking for a road that was long enough for it. He was driving it while one of his other cars was getting some work done.

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