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Detroit and My Failed Attempt To Find Celebrities at NAIAS

Last week I got the privilege of going out to Detroit and to spend the time with various members from the General Motors team. This entailed visiting the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) where Chevrolet even won “Car of the Year” for the Chevrolet Volt (more to come on the Volt later), a tour of OnStar Command Center and some exclusive interviews with top GM employees.  Just as cool as meeting the people that are behind the scenes of GM like Chris Barger and Mary Henige I also got to make friends was some awesome bloggers like Jewel’s Fab Life, Stacey from The Mom Renewal Project, Miss Motor Mouth, Gary from The Garage Blog, and even this un-named really old guy who doesn’t really believe in the internet.

But enough about that for now, I was really hoping to see some snazzy celebs rubbing elbows with the OEM’s and introducing new cars. You see car shows like this and especially in Detroit are all about introducing the newest cars to the media and to the public. That said it’s not too uncommon for these car manufacturers to hire celebrities to introduce their cars.  But as luck would have it the two introductions that had celebrities attached to them were not introductions I attended.

Case and point, the introduction of the 2012 Civic Concept car was introduced by Pete Wentz.  The second one was some singer but since it wasn’t Justin Bieber I really didn’t care (seriously just kidding).


Stay tuned for more about my trip to Detroit and an invention I found that will save celebrity lives! cough cough OnStar

 2012 Civic Concept car introduced by Pete Wentzall

2 Responses to Detroit and My Failed Attempt To Find Celebrities at NAIAS

  1. minyo says:

    Those are nice cars.

  2. minyo says:

    Those are nice cars that really fit the celebrities.

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