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Britney Spears: White Escalade Mommy

Britney Spears was spotted with her son outside an indoor playhouse with her white Escalade. This celebrity momma knows how to rock the Hollywood soccer mom in a good way! Just look at her, big white cars!

britney escaladeSource: x17online

3 Responses to Britney Spears: White Escalade Mommy

  1. Hyundai Orange County says:

    Britney’s new song btw “Hold It Against Me” is blowing up on the charts. I read it already reached #1 on Itunes in 18 countries. Her new album gonna be huge. I love Britney! I wish she would drive around her SL again.

  2. ambient says:

    I’ve never seen a picture of Spears with her kid/s where she is not holding them. Don’t they know how to walk or something? She’s probably still gonna be carrying them like that when their 15, lol!

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