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Britney Dumps the CLK for a BMW

We get that Britney Spears likes white cars and we definitely gather that she likes having a convertible and it makes sense to us.  Here she was spotted in her new BMW hard top convertible that she traded her CLK in for.

Thanks for the tip KVD!

Britney's new BMW Convertible

5 Responses to Britney Dumps the CLK for a BMW

  1. Matt says:

    With all her money I’m surprised she’d get the low end model 328i.

  2. Celebrity Cars says:

    I’ve always wandered the same thing myself.

  3. Used Cars San Francisco says:

    I can’t tell if its a 328 or not from the pic because it’s too small. However, remember that Britney is still under a conservatorship and her Dad is in control of her money, she actually gets an allowance! If it were up to her I think she would get a 7 series. Remember she used to drive a SL Benz; this girl likes fast expensive cars and she loves to drive.

  4. John says:

    She should drive at least a 650ci or something. WTF is up with these cheap bitches? Didn’t she own an SLR at one point?

  5. jeremy says:

    Hi She is trying to out do Karren Brady!! i love them both very much with thanks and best wishes from jeremy

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