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We Love Our Readers – Thank You For The Tony Hawk Lexus Tip

So yesterday we ask our reader if they’ve seen Tony Hawk’s Lexus LS 600h and they delivered. And even better yet, how about a photo not only of Tony Hawk with his Lexus LS 600h which appears to be rocking HRE’s but also snowboarder Shaun White with what looks to be a Lambo LP-640.  Thanks to the tip and our snoopin’ ability we see he purchased the car in late August.

Tony Hawk's Lexus LS 600H on 22's

Tony Hawk and Shaun White with their celebrity rides!

Tony Hawk's Lexus LS-600h - Tony Hawk's Hybrid

7 Responses to We Love Our Readers – Thank You For The Tony Hawk Lexus Tip

  1. RUFke says:

    Those are ADV.1 – 7.1 one piece wheels

  2. Celebrity Cars says:

    Damn, did you know that or did you go figure it out?

  3. Celebrity Cars says:

    Also, did the dealership put them on or is this something he had done?

  4. RUFke says:


    Celebrity Cars
    no, it just happened that friend of mine have the same wheels, so I know exactly how they look.

  5. Dallas Ford says:

    Jeez, didn’t realize how expensive the LS 600h was until I just googled it. $110k base price for a Lexus, that’s really something!

  6. sunbeam says:

    who cares about the lexus. that lp-640 looks awesome and credit to mr white for leaving the stock lambo rims which are very nice.

  7. Thomas says:

    I love the 600h. Its a PIMP car. But what’s up with all these action sports stars making buko bucks? I mean a Lambo for a snowboarder….its just not fair.

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