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Justin Bieber Looking Good In A Porsche Turbo

We get the sense that Justin Bieber is gonna be a big spender in the car aficionado space as he gets older.  We’re seen him in a Ferrari F430 before and now TMZ has got exclusive photos capturing him in a 997 Porsche Turbo.  It appears to be matte black with possibly a camel interior.  While we think the matte black is a bit played out we definitely hate camel interiors especially on Porsches.

Does anyone know what the story is?  Is this one of Justin’s personal cars?  What else does he own?

Justin Bieber in a Porsche Turbo

Source: TMZ

6 Responses to Justin Bieber Looking Good In A Porsche Turbo

  1. sagey says:

    i dont think its camel interior, its probably just the lighting. looks oxblood red to me

  2. John R. says:

    It’s what Porsche calls Terracotta. A very orangey tan. It is in my opinion very Porsche and very German, but in the end, for a 911 I would pick black on the inside and either black, silver, or white on the outside depending on which 911 it is (regular carrera – black, turbo – silver, gt3 – white etc.)

    This makes me hate beiber even more, although 100% chance he is driving a tiptronic…poser.

    Then again I guess you could respect him as he has good taste in cars, but not mods.

  3. Knick says:

    I believe the F-car was a rental from Black And White rentals. I’m guessing this one is either rented or lend, by someone.

  4. Yo says:


  5. Dillen says:

    Is that Sean Kingston riding shotgun?

  6. Pat says:

    this porsche and the ferrari are not JB’s. from what i know it is sean kingston’s. you will notice that in this pic, sean kingston is in the car as well as in JB’s pic driving the ferrari, SK was there too. the only cars JB owns is his so-called batmobile, swag car, and the chrome karma

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