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Kate Moss’ MG Convertible

Supermodel and party girl Kate Moss was seen cruising around in her blue MG convertible. A pretty uncanny choice for a woman whose life revolves around high fashion, but then again she has plenty of hipster in her!

Kate Moss in her MG Convertible

Kate Moss in her MG Convertible

2 Responses to Kate Moss’ MG Convertible

  1. sunbeam says:

    not as pretty and stylish and people seem to think. that goes for kate and the car.

  2. Arnold Galtine says:

    Not really… MG Convertible looks old but classy. Just like Kate Moss look “old” but classy. lol! But seriously, I have seen pictures from TopSpeed.com – It’s not bad at all compare to the style of the Cadillac.

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