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Jessica Alba and Hubby Run Over a Pap in a BMW 5 Series

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren are the latest Hollywood stars to injure a paparazzi by running over a photo g’s foot with their BMW 5 Series. Unlike other d-bags (hello, Paris Hilton) who speed off after accidentally running one, Cash and Jess politely stepped out to give their information to the poor guy. Owning a stunning car comes with huge responsibility and the couple sure knows it!

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren in BMW 5 Series

Paparazzi Run Over By BMW 5 Series

3 Responses to Jessica Alba and Hubby Run Over a Pap in a BMW 5 Series

  1. Ben says:

    “Stunning Car”

    $60,000 … my god they are so lucky to be able to afford that.

  2. CJ says:

    Can’t tell from the photos? Is that a custom matte black finish on the BMW?

  3. Higher750 says:

    These paparazzi are pieces of sh*t. They’re often crowding celebs to the point where safety is of concern. Clearly they don’t take much consideration of their surroundings as they’re being run over by cars!

    If you’ve got 10-20 of these idiots surrounding your car when you’re trying to get out of a parking lot or somewhere else, I can see why someone is going to get hit and hope no responsibility falls on the driver.

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