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Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Ferrari F430

I’ve seen Flloyd Mayweather-ed out F430 before but I didn’t realize he was rolling Red on Red. I like that.

Floyd Mayweather Jr's Ferrari F430

4 Responses to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Ferrari F430

  1. Lac says:

    are these cars all his?

  2. Ben says:

    Yes they are all his. Isnt this from his cribs episode? This guy is stupid with his money? How many sedans can you have need for? Buy the S-Class and when you get sick of it trade to the Rolls, and when you get sick of it trade to the Maybach.

    Watch the episode he does for MTV Cribs. He is a complete douche.

  3. Matt says:

    He know rolls with a Rolls Royce drophead coupe, phantom coupe and a phantom sedan along with 2 maybachs, bentley continental supersports, Ferrari 430 scuderia and 599 and a Porsche panamera turbo and escalade platinum. Except for the drophead coupe these cars are all white

  4. sunbeam says:

    oh dear floyd. red rims on a red 430?. really?

    not cool, but what you would you expect from someone wearing a wide lapel, 3 button single breasted suit, with what looks like trousers that are quite wide as well. it also looks like its off the peg as well. thats so 2007, a bit like your car.

    2 button with a narrow lapel and fitted slim trousers, and sell all that junk and get yourself a 458. someone help floyd. he is making a fool of himself with his clothes and cars.

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