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The “Hoff” and His Mercedes-Benz CLS

The man who became popular by saving drowning people is in the latest season of Dancing With the Stars, and he is seen leaving practice in his black Mercedes-Benz CLS. David Hasselhoff sure is getting back in shape years after his infamous burger-eating drunk video posted by her daughters online. Being sober and having a great car is the way to go, Hoff!

David Hasselhoff Mercedes-Benz CLS

Source: X17 Online

3 Responses to The “Hoff” and His Mercedes-Benz CLS

  1. Victor says:

    Ummm…thats definitely a CL-Class
    you can tell my the steering wheel and the adjustments on he door

  2. John says:

    Ya what it is with the CLS?

  3. Merc says:

    The Hoff rules…..

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