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Justin Bieber Makes Out in the Backseat of a Honda Accord

With all his money, worldwide fame and gorgeous cars that are too fly for him, you would think that Justin Bieber could do better than play tonsil hockey at the back of a Honda Accord. The lady is 16-year-old Jasmine Villegas who is currently his front act. Every 13-year-old girl in the planet must hate her right now. Why couldn’t Justin use his Ferrari if he wants to go bases with a girl? Does he really think he’s that much of a hunk (more like chunk!) to parade his enraging hormones inside a (an un-tinted) so-so car?

Justin Bieber Honda Accord

Source: TMZ

5 Responses to Justin Bieber Makes Out in the Backseat of a Honda Accord

  1. hustlin says:

    its cause he dosent own a ferrari the ferrari he was in was sean kingstons

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  5. rawan says:

    he is NOT justin !! like duh!@#$!

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