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James Gandofini’s Chevy Avalanche: TOWED

James Gandolfini, the “don” in the hit mafia TV series The Sopranos, has a terrible day because his black Chevrolet Avalanche was towed after a traffic enforcer pulled him over for missing a stop sign and talking on his cell phone while driving. Why was it towed? It seems that Mr. Gandolfini is driving under a suspended license! Could he possibly be Hollywood’s most irresponsible driver (next to Lindsay Lohan, of course)?

James Gandofini's Chevy Avalanche: TOWED

James Gandofini Chevy Avalanche

One Response to James Gandofini’s Chevy Avalanche: TOWED

  1. ambient1 says:

    Let's see…

    Running a stop sign(illegal)
    Talking on a handheld cell phone(also illegal)
    Driving on a suspended license(yup, illegal as well)

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner in the trifecta of stupidity!

    Car towed, hell, they could have arrested dumbo.

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