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David Beckham Takes His Porsche 911 for a Pinkberry Spin

We are all aware of David Beckham’s exquisite car collection, and it’s awesome to see his matte Porsche 911 out on the streets as he takes his sons for some frozen treats at Santa Monica’s PinkBerry. It looks like he has a thing for matte finishes, his black Escalade shares the same paintjob as his Porsche!

David Beckham taking a spin to pinkberry in his Porsche

2 Responses to David Beckham Takes His Porsche 911 for a Pinkberry Spin

  1. sunbeam says:

    i might be in a minority and clearly don't share the same views as the person who posted this, but that matt black 911 looks bogus. matt has been done to death. some high end manufacturers are toying with satin looking semi matt/gloss finishes which can look good, but a plain matt wrap has been done to death now. give it a little while longer and it will be as lame as putting spinners on your car.

    you do think spinners are lame right??…..

  2. Lindsay says:

    My husband has a yellow Porsche turbo. I like it better because it does not have the ugly blacked out head lights

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