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Lindsay Lohan Flaunts Her Maserati

Lindsay Lohan sure loves to parade her driving rights again, she can’t stop going places with her Maserati! A Maserati is definitely too much luxury for a felon with two DUIs, even of you’re one of the hottest celebrities on Earth.

Lindsay Lohan Maserati

4 Responses to Lindsay Lohan Flaunts Her Maserati

  1. ambient says:

    Wonder how long it will take for the stupid bitch to wreck this beautiful car =(

  2. Adele says:

    She’s got good taste when it comes to cars, just wished her life wasn’t so chaotic or else she would have been more loved.

  3. sunbeam says:

    lovely car. here’s hoping her career turns round fast so she can afford the lease/rental on it for more than just a few months.

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