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Brandon Phillips At Least Has Style

Despite his ticket for who cares what lets talk about Brandon Phililips’ Audi R8 with paint matched wheels! I don’t care what the color is but paint matched wheels is where it’s at. I’ve always complained that steel wheels just doesn’t make sense and it’s always been something that bothered me about the automotive industry. Had they just painted wheels from day one I think all cars would have had painted wheels.

Brandon Phililips' Audi R8
Source – Celebrity Matt Hardigree @ Jalopnik

5 Responses to Brandon Phillips At Least Has Style

  1. the yamaha raptor 250R says:

    Wow this ride is sweet. Brandon Phillips sure is pretty fond of this car. I like the color of the wheels.

  2. sunbeam says:

    the hub of the wheel is not part of the bodywork and colour matching it is lame. its an automotive aesthetic faux pas. you would never wear grey shoes with a grey suit, or dark blue shoes with a dark blue suit. see what i mean?.
    won’t deny its a lovely car, and the stock audi rims are very nice as well.

  3. open source cms says:

    I really love his style and his car color is awesome but best is always black and my favorite.

  4. Coco says:

    That car is my dream cor always wanted purple audi! Haha and brandon in it just makes that dream even better.

  5. marquee hire says:

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