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Arnold Has a Nice Turbo

I’m loving the color combo of Arnold’s Turbo.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Porsche Turbo

14 Responses to Arnold Has a Nice Turbo

  1. sunbeam says:

    that porsche looks wicked.
    please take note david beckham. thats what a 911 turbo convertible is supposed to look like, not that murdered out matt black nonsense you have had done to yours.

  2. thegovernator says:

    only if his executive choices were as good as his motoring choices

  3. carson says:

    Amazing car, and great color combo.

  4. matt says:

    one of the craziest cars david beckham just picked up the new bentley continental gt SUPERSPORTS

  5. sunbeam says:

    yikes, looks like everyone (including me) has started talking about beckhams cars instead of arnolds nice porsche. sorry arnold.

    for the record,

    bentley continental is lame. i got hold of one a little while back and took it out for a spin. very underwhelming i may have metioned it before but its for female reality tv stars. he should have got an aston martin DBS.

    escalade is lame. rappers have even stopped going on about them. english footballers who have no taste at all have started to move on from them. tiger woods drives one, ie: people with the charisma of a wet mop. watch out for that fire hydrant tiger.

    hummer H2. oh please. even arnold has seen the error of his ways and is rocking a 911 turbo these days.

    rolls royce phantom. nice car but slightly ostentatious. a bit too flashy and self conscious, not unlike mr beckham himself.

    all in all he should have gone with a silver 911 with the red leather interior. well done mr schwarzenegger.

  6. matt says:

    i alredy put htose pics but taylor lautner dont even know whys hes famous has a beautiful turbo

  7. Lauren says:

    I am not convinced by that colour combination, you know? I think it would have looked better with a deeper red leather, although I generally don’t like the 911 in silver anyway!

  8. Yamaha atv says:

    Silver is the best. but the combination would be silver a deeper blue leather.

  9. tandung says:

    thank for post

  10. limo hire says:

    A rolls royce Phantom would suit him better, big cars for big guys.

  11. Andrew Willson says:

    It’s good to here how well it perform.That body kit really does wonder for an already great car.Would love to know what improvements that kit brings to the Turbo that is blisteringly fast in stock condition!!

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