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Michael Phelps Round 2 – Range Rover

Michael Phelps may look gangster in his Mercedes SL but if you really want to be the toughest guy on the block you also need a black SUV. Looks like Phelps has the tough guys, big baller look complete with his black Range Rover and another set of awful looking wheels.

Michael Phelps Range Rover
Source: NO LIMIT INC, Baltimore, MD

23 Responses to Michael Phelps Round 2 – Range Rover

  1. sunbeam says:

    bad rims on his ranger, fat ankles, terrible dress sense. pull yourself together michael!.

  2. CassavaLeaf says:

    I saw him pushing a Cadillac Escalade

  3. Aaron says:

    So, his torso is cold, but his legs are hot (hence the shorts and flip-flops), the sun is in his face, but his hat serves no purpose. If I didn’t know he was a stoner already, I’d be pretty suspicious at this point.

  4. sagey says:

    horrible rims

  5. limo hire says:

    nice rims but the sport is better and now you can get it limo style.

  6. Brittany Murpyh Dead Video says:

    brittany murphy was great 🙁

  7. luxury SUV car says:

    I like this car. Good style.

  8. Limousine Rental New York says:

    Not the best picture I must say. I bet he was horrified when this began circling the internet!

    I really like these Range Rovers but am a little mystified as to why people butcher them so badly. They look great as they are and especially in black.

    The tinted windows are a must but those rims……….bad decision Michael…maybe he had chlorine in his eyes the day he ordered them 🙂

  9. Car Salvage says:

    Poor young man. He is like a beacon to the media and now we take shots of him looking like he has just ran down to the local store for Saturday morning supplies.

  10. Nicholas says:

    No limits exist for this car, very good example of crossover class.

  11. yamaha raptor 250r says:

    Its seem so old school. I’m sure there are newer classes of the rover he can get his hands on.

  12. Limo Hire says:

    that is a pimp wagon

  13. Jeffery says:

    I have a feeling that he took a picture near the somebody’s car, but not his.

  14. Car Doors says:

    If you are Michael Pelps then you can have all the car you want. Breaking the record for the most gold medal won in the olympics is not an easy thing to do you know.

  15. Steven Rumley says:

    Range Rover is the best off road car you can only own. It is stylish and has good performance.

  16. Priscilla Smith says:

    This car is great, but the rims don’t look that good.

  17. Pandora says:

    big baller look complete with his black Range Rover and another set of awful looking wheels

  18. Olive R. Moreland says:

    Phelps doesn’t know where to buy nice clothes for himself. How can he possibly know what rims are going to suit his car?

  19. Randy says:

    Thank you, Michael! Now I know where I should never go to purchase rims.

  20. limos says:

    Really great car! Thanks for sharing.

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