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Who is Mila Kunis?

Who is Mila Kunis?  All I know is that she steals handicap parking spots and drives a Lexus SC430.

Mila Kunis Lexus SC430

15 Responses to Who is Mila Kunis?

  1. Sue | Vehicle Financing says:

    I am sorry I don’t care if you are a celebrity, that is just a BIG no no, how do you think that its right to park in the handicap parking???

    I have to say that that is a nice looking car.

  2. Susan Trade In's says:

    Nice car bad parking place why do people think that they have a right to park in places like these even if they are running in and out, these parkings have been put in place for those who do have disabilities and we should really respect that.

  3. sunbeam says:

    she is dating macauly culkin which means she could justifiably park in a handicapped spot if he was with her.

    can’t see through that dark tint so lets give her the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Renata says:

    who cares?
    r u serious all of us are in a rush sometimes and park in handicap places honestly people get over it. No one is perfect…so what if she parked in ahandicapped space once…big whoop no one else was in it therefore it wasnt needed…wow….get over it

  5. wedding car hire says:

    very nice car, but you should not park there, it is not designed for you.

  6. redneck says:

    SUE ~ if u think your not guilty of being in a hurry everrrrr and not parking in a handicapped spot…u are as dumb as u make urself out to be. besides the handicapped spot…im just curious to know how good she fucks and if u likes it in both holes or not. more holes the merrier mila!!!

  7. redneck says:

    these spots need to left available to SUE & SUSAN and not to everybody. dont disrepect them by parking in they’re spots…even if there is 40 handicapped spots out front of a business & only 1 is being used twice a week. ohhhhhhhhh wait…nevermind…mila should be allowed to park there to since she is dating macaulay culkin. ok…ok…ok so thats three people that these spots should be left available to. make sure yah 3 take up the other 37 handicapped spots at the same time that arent taken so they can be put to use too. dont believe me??? go to a wal-mart or a frys grocery store or a best buy or a target or a home depot. theres almost as many handicapped spots as there are reg. spots. its damn ass ridiculous. when was the last time u went shoppin’ and saw a shit ton of elderly & wheelchair bound people shoppin’ at the same time??? NEVER!!!

  8. Pandora says:

    I like that style but if I had that much cash I don’t know if I would chose the the Bentley.

  9. gkafkr says:

    redneck = fuckwit

  10. redneck says:

    c’mon gk…u can add the h to fuckwit cant u??? DAMN EBONICS!!! lemme guess…your a typical nigger that dropped outta school in kindergarden cuz your mom told u a higher education is for white people??? GO BACK TO AFRICA!!! porch monkeys like u wouldnt last in my neck of the woods. why do u think lumberton, tx is 99.99999% white???!!! last fucker that was like u we had in these parts…he was drove across the louisiana border to lake charles…skinned…then dumped over the bridge. who was responsible??? ILL PLEAD THE 5TH!!!

  11. redneck says:

    that aint a bentley pandora. farrrrrrrr from it. thats a piece of shit lexus sc400!!! goes to show u…even the rich have poor taste. shes worth millions & shes drivin around in a $45,000 lexus (NEW…ITS ONLY WORTH ABOUT 1/2 THAT NOW)…from a maker that has had more recalls in a yr than a telemarketing scamming victim. my ’04 f-350 is worth more than that heap. besides…all a lexus is is an overpriced toyota. she aint old & isnt black…wtf is she doin drivin a lexus anyways for!?!?!?! typically cadillacs & a lexus is for both those types of people. dont drop it 6″ mila & put hydrolics & gold daytons on it or you’ll really fuck it up.

  12. Elly says:

    The paragon of unedsrtnading these issues is right here!

  13. redneck says:

    when your mila kunis…the hottest chic in hollywood…$$$ has power & power allows u more rights than reg people. mila should have her own parking spots reserved just for her. let her park where she wants…when she wants…how she wants. this is mila kunis we’re talkin about…not some1 like a hollywood reject like justin bieber (justin’s beaver).

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