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I Can’t Keep Up With Lindsay Lohan

I honestly can’t even keep up with Lindsay Lohan and her car game but all I gotta say is she has style. Granted I know this car is not hers she has connections and they got sick cars!

Check out Lindsay hoping out of this murdered-out Rolls Royce Phantom!
Lindsay Lohan hoping out of Rolls Royce Phantom

Rumor is that this Rolls Royce is in an upcoming issue of Heavy Hitters Magazine!

7 Responses to I Can’t Keep Up With Lindsay Lohan

  1. henry says:

    Phantom – what a big waste of money on a car just for good-looking. Do anyone knows how much gas eat that monster?

  2. Garland N. Ziegler says:

    Lohan is so ugly.. What for does she need phantom??? I don’t think it’s her.

  3. Jus says:

    She is not ugly – she’s cute! And she is drug addicted, unfortunately she’s in jail now +(

  4. Kemm says:

    Yah, that stories about addicted celebs is just out of my understanding ability.

  5. KELLY says:

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  6. chong jay says:

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  7. hayden demetrius says:

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