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Fabio Crashes His Ferrari 599

I guess Fabio still exists and looks like he made the mistake of a lifetime!!!

Fabio's Ferrari 599
Source: Jalopnik via TMZ

5 Responses to Fabio Crashes His Ferrari 599

  1. Asian Martin says:

    It isn’t his Ferrari, it’s a rental from World Class Driving in Calabasas, CA.

  2. Celebrity Cars says:

    Super tool, this still makes me mad every time I see it!

  3. SpeedFlux says:

    If is not his Ferari, but he still needs to pay a lot cash for that crash.

  4. Sue | Vehicle Financing says:

    Its amazing how many stars crash their luxury cars this is not the first star that we have heard of and certainly not the last

  5. Susan Trade In's says:

    Ouch, that have to have hurt the bank balance, I just don’t understand how this happens do these stars not know how to drive did they just buy their driving permits?
    I think that if you going to buy cars like these then go on an advance driving coarse so that you know how to handle a car like this, its not your every day car, there is some serious power under the hood.

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