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Arnold Sporting His Challenger SRT8 at The Country Mart

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can probably be driven in any car that he wants but instead he chooses to man up behind the wheel of a Charger SRT8 on his own.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Charger SRT8
Source TMZ

6 Responses to Arnold Sporting His Challenger SRT8 at The Country Mart

  1. Asian Martin says:

    Isnt this the same man who gave up his fleet of HUMMERs & Pinzgauers because they were too environmentally unfriendly vehicles? The Challenger SRT-8 gets 16mpg, has a carbon footprint of 11.4 tons of co2 & an energy impact score of 21.4 barrels a year….

    Funny thing about this video, right before backing up from his space, the Governator saw a random hot chick on the parking lot & gave her the thumbs up.

  2. Asian Martin says:

    UPDATE: Looks like Schwarzenegger has been trying to convince Tesla to take back the Roadster he bought sometime back. His excuse: the car is very difficult to get in & out of for his bigass.

  3. Derek Everett says:

    this car is a callenger not a charger big difference

  4. Anon says:

    Too bad he wants to tax us to death for driving those cars.

  5. diziizle says:

    Where is link?

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