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Spencer Pratt’s Camaro SS Wedding Gift From Heidi

Alright guys… this one may piss you off but you’re not alone. Apparently Heidi Montag (dimbo from the Hills) has given her fiance/soon to be husband (Spencer D-bag Pratt) a early wedding gift of a Camaro SS. And like always they went to the must public place possible to shot photos and spread them to the media.

Spencer Pratt Camaro SS Wedding Gift From Heidi

And of course we wouldn’t leave you hanging with out some video of Spencer Pratt toolin’ around in his Camaro SS along with Heidi crawling all over the hood.

28 Responses to Spencer Pratt’s Camaro SS Wedding Gift From Heidi

  1. Kevin says:

    Im sick of these two! why are they even famous? No talent and somehow fooled hollywood to make them rich. And the guy is cheesy and the girl is fake, ya can make anyone famous these two are just pure lucky cause their 15 mins will be up very soon

  2. a76 says:

    they’re both wearing jeans with rivets… they would have scratched the bejeezus out of the hood while they were posing all over it, shame such a sweet car is wasted on these two 🙁

  3. HotWomen says:

    Keep working ,great job!

  4. tadeo says:

    this car is my dream

  5. sunbeam says:

    that car is lovely and can not be sulllied even by those 2 oxygen thieves.

  6. J.E. says:

    It looks like an rs badged as an ss because of the hidden headlights, but it could be an ss/rs but highly doubt that girl has the money to afford a real ss or an ss/rs

  7. Vegas bachelorette party says:

    The mean machine was given to Spencer by Heidi as an early wedding gift for their upcoming Marriage. I hope this time this news is gonna be true.

  8. Seattle towncar says:

    Tadeo, order this car in our company in Seattle))))
    Our car service can make your dream.

  9. Tim says:

    wo my dream car! Btw, it seems like your RSS feed doesn’t work in my browser (I’m using google chrome)..can you fix it?

  10. 12344 says:

    this car is my dream too 🙂

  11. Folin says:

    and girl too 🙂

  12. Premier Plates says:

    Sorry, this is not my favorite vehicle. Those stripes just do not do anything for me! What I am interested in is this couple. What is all the interest? Who are they? They present well, yet I am not sure they the term “celebrity” applies. I might live under a rock, but I have never heard of this pair.

  13. 6977SS says:

    That plastic skank needs to get her dirty ass off that fine automobile.
    And what business does that Nancy-boy have driving a Camaro? A Mustang is more his speed.

  14. Car Salvage says:

    Premier Plates posed a really good question? I can tell you this pair are the new wave of celebrity sweeping the world at a furious pace, but exiting just as quickly. They are reality televisions stars of the minute. Hey who needs talent these days, just self confidence and belief, yes that will do it!

  15. eddie says:

    what a complete and udder douchebag prick ass!!
    He does not deserve that great car!
    He can f**k off for all i care!

  16. Jerremy says:

    WOW, that Camaro SS is astonishing as well as that blond Heidi, I would love to have them both.

  17. Stephani says:

    I have only 2 questions: How much does a Camaro SS costs, and who the heck is Spencer Pratt, a new so called star?

  18. jerlyn santos says:

    So sweet! I hope I can also have the fame and luck these two have.

  19. Yahoo says:

    Very sweet.

  20. brake shoe set says:

    A car as a gift? Very few people can do that. You have to be rich so you could do that. Giving a car as a gift is really sweet.

  21. Taylor says:

    WOW I luv that car, a red Camaro SS is my dream. By the way that blond looks also superb.

  22. Inez says:

    I don’t think that guy deserves Heidi and especially that astonishing Camaro SS.

  23. Dorothy says:

    how many envy is here, people if you want the same fame and luck as those two have, then work as hard as you can.

  24. Robin says:

    The mean machine was given to Spencer by Heidi as an early wedding gift for their upcoming Marriage. I hope this time this news is gonna be true

  25. Windshield Replacement Garland says:

    Always wanted two of those nice girl, nicer car

  26. Private Number Plates says:

    A burnout or a few donuts would have made for a better youtube clip.

  27. Spoiler says:

    What a lucky bugger. Heidi may not be the brightest bulb in the tanning bed but she sure does know how to pick a nice car. The Camaro SS is a thing of beauty. I only seen a couple and some have spoilers. With or without a spoiler, I think the Camaro SS gets a wake of raised-thumb salutes.

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