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Ryan Sheckler’s Mercedes CL63 Is Sick

If you recall a while back we posted that Ryan Scheckler was dipping a pretty sick Mercedes CL63 AMG. At the time we had nothing more then a screen sapture from Ryan’s TV show to go off of but we recently stumbled across this image showing off Ryan’s new ride and his sick wheels.

Ryan Scheckler's Mercedes CL63 AMG

23 Responses to Ryan Sheckler’s Mercedes CL63 Is Sick

  1. federico says:

    no lo puedo cree qe su padre compro autos para el, cuando ryan tenia 16 o 17 años :O es muy chico pero los policias lo dejan de conducir xD
    me encanta mirar la tele de ” LIFE OF RYAN ”
    es re bueno 😀 aunqe tiene problem con sus padres :S
    por plata jaja na
    bueno, qiero ser como el ryan sheckler pero no qiero skate solo conducir cars :$

  2. Armando says:

    its actually a Mercedes CL66

  3. Byron says:


  4. Byron says:

    Armando, Cl AMG models only come in CL63 AMG and CL65 AMG

  5. Dakota says:

    That car is awsome i want a car just like that and im a HUGE! Ryan Sheckler fan

  6. Martin Tien says:

    Liebe gr??e aus Bayern. Wriklich schicker und vorallem Informativer Blog. Weiter so! 🙂

  7. []D [] []V[] []D says:

    No such thing.

  8. hollar says:

    Armando ur mental theres no cl66 amg its a cl63 amg

  9. Alvaro says:

    Tuning is the worst way to waste the money….
    I can’t undrstand american lifestyle.WTF is a 19 years old dude doing with a 200.000 $(¿?) car.What’s he going t drive when he’s 30???? Poor man…
    Sorry about my english

  10. ari says:


  11. 311iot says:

    ryan is like the richest 19 year old ever he has a jeep,ferria,and now mercades maybe he will get a lamborghini or the new chevy 2010 camaro

  12. andriana says:

    OMG!!!mercedes??superr!!!ryan beutiful car!!!

  13. Cognitive Enhancement Blog says:

    That is a short man.

  14. Eric says:

    This model, sure, is one of the most successful in Mercedes row. And color only black or white!

  15. Russell says:

    Definitely, like this car, in black it looks very defiant.

  16. loan software says:

    A good post indeed! That’s the sunny side of your writing, you write in a lucid manner and I have no difficulty to understand what you have said, even though I am a novice.

  17. Roy Rodrigues says:

    This Mercedes is great, but I like Japanese import cars the most.

  18. Edith Rodriguez says:

    Mercedes is cool, not sick, especially, when you are talking about this one.

  19. Hollis D. Cartwright says:

    Those awful rims ruin such a great car as this Mercedes.

  20. Ray T. Chaves says:

    Mercedes can’t have awful rims, it is just a question of taste.

  21. James N. Bennett says:

    All of the rides of Ryan Sheckler are simply awful. And his clothing style isn’t much better.

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