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Snap a Photo of Beckham, Get Fired

Do you wonder what it’s like when a celebrity goes in to buy a car? Well it sounds like one Rolls-Royce worker thought others would like to know so he snapped a photo of David Beckham while he was in to purchase his new Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe that we’ve been talking about.

David Beckham in his Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe

Raff Mastromarino says bosses told him Becks had CANCELLED an order for a luxury £307,000 Phantom Drophead Coupe.

But the dad of five claimed he had been using his mobile phone to send a text — NOT take a picture of the star.

Raff, 54, revealed his message said: “Guess who I bumped into at work. David bloody BECKHAM and his tattoos. He looks like a tanned YOB.”

Raff was spotted holding his mobile as Becks toured the factory in Goodwood, West Sussex, just before learning he had been dropped by new England manager Fabio Capello.

But Raff insisted: “I never took a photo.”

Nice motor … £307,000 Rolls Phantom

Raff, of Worthing, was fired from his £21,000-a-year job though no snaps were found.

He said: “Bosses told me Beckham had cancelled an order because of what happened.”

Rolls-Royce said: “Employees are aware of how they should behave, which includes not taking pictures.

He was seen by four people attempting to take one of our visitor.”

A spokesman for Becks said it was “nonsense” to suggest he cancelled a car order.

Check out the whole story at The Sun.

11 Responses to Snap a Photo of Beckham, Get Fired

  1. Chrome Letters says:

    People need privacy.

  2. Blillhauh says:

    Well I was checking the internet today and I totally freaked out. I absolutely develop my ex-girlfriend pictures on the internet. I have no idea when she did this but my ex-girlfriend was making out with some other teen.

  3. thehelpline.com experts says:

    How unfair because some person famous didnt want a photograph taken, has Beckham stopped to think perhaps the man involved has lost his job and now looking for work as he gets paid millions per year! How petty!

  4. Christopher says:

    I hear somewhere he has not only this Rolls-Royce. If it’s true, could you write what else cars does he has?

  5. Eric says:

    Unfortunately, he didn’t participate in the last championship. The car is good, what else should I say.

  6. Bobby Bush says:

    Poor guy was fired because of nothing! This is not honest at all!

  7. Brenda Abbott says:

    The stars like David Beckham think that they can control the life of normal people with their whims. Hate this kind of people.

  8. Rosa D. Falcon says:

    The guy was fired for nothing. Oh not for nothing, for Beckham’s whim.

  9. Efrain T. Deangelo says:

    I didn’t think that Beckham is such an egoist and whamming person.

  10. Frank says:

    You can’t do this to the employee, that was looking to get his job for a long time.

  11. James D. Mcbeth says:

    I’m happy that David is going to play for Tottenham now.

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