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Beckham Gets Popped by the Cops in His Escalade

David Beckham's Cadillac Escalade

It appears that David Beckham may not have escaped this ticket as we see the motorbike police officer writing up a nice ticket for Mr. Beckham while he was out and about in his Mercedes Escalade. No word wether Beckham was cited for his illegal window tint but we believe he was cited for an illegal left hand turn onto Fairfax… don’t the cops have something better to do while cruising Melrose?

David Beckham Up Close in his Cadillac Escalade

6 Responses to Beckham Gets Popped by the Cops in His Escalade

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Mercedes Escalade” huh?!

  2. kevin says:

    so much knowledge for blogger specializing on cars.. mercedes escalade *rolls eyes*

  3. CassavaLeaf says:

    LOL dude it’s been over a year.. you’re never gonna fix that ‘Mercedes Escalade’ typo?

  4. Anthony Ramirez says:

    As mentioned above, it was a Cadillac Escalade, not a Mercedes. Also, it appears the front driver and passenger windows are not tinted dark as the rest of the windows making it impossible to get a fix-it ticket from the motorcycle cop.

    If you don’t, better ask somebody who does before publishing!

  5. window film says:

    I bet the police officer wasn't even giving him a ticket, he was probably just trying to get his autograph or something. Although, some people in the States still don't really know who David Beckham is, so maybe this cop didn't. Some cops would pull over celebrities just out of spite.

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