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Pamela Anderson Drives a Crisp Range Rover

Pamela Anderson is known for running down beaches and running through boyfriends but while all else is not calm, at least she feels at home in her crisp white Range Rover. And as a side note we would like to congratulate Pamela Anderson on fighting the urge to go Hollywood and sticking with the lavish Range Rover instead of a green hybrid!

Pamela Anderson, crispy in  Range Rover

6 Responses to Pamela Anderson Drives a Crisp Range Rover

  1. Nomad says:

    That’s the $94,000 full size Supercharged version, not the cheap Sport.

  2. Marianna Stremel says:

    I think Pamela Anderson is smoking hotttt, too bad tommy lee (piece of poop) gave her hep. if it wasn’t for that junk(hep) i would like to get some time with her.

  3. cherny says:

    I think Pamela Anderson is gorgeous . She has great style , great looks , a good personality and a hilarious sense of humor. I ENJOY her acting skill as well .

  4. Joe Rock says:

    love to be the drivers seat

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