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The Mercedes CL that put Rob Dyrdek on the C List

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL C-Lister

For anyone that is a fan of the “Rob & Big” MTV reality show you are sure to have seen the episode when Rob Dyrdek gets featured in a Wall Street Journal article on the front page for his tie to a previously owned car of his, a Mercedes CL 500.

Rob was upset because he was referred to as a “C” List celebrity after the owner used Rob’s named to help hype the car’s sale.

The article stats…

“Rob Dyrdek, a 32-year-old professional skateboarder and MTV reality-show star, got a recent reminder of how low he is on the celebrity totem pole.

Last month Mr. Dyrdek, who stars in the show “Rob and Big,” gave a friend permission to use his name to peddle Mr. Dyrdek’s old car, a 2000 Mercedes-Benz CL500, on eBay. The highest bid: $29,600, nearly $9,000 below the Kelley Blue Book value. “I ain’t Brad Pitt, and this ain’t Donald Trump’s CL,” Mr. Dyrdek concedes. His friend, who now owns the car, plans to relist it in the next few weeks.”

Rob also then takes some gruff from his mom who refers to him as a “loser”.

Either way, the car is still for sale and can be seen HERE.

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL Up Close

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL Rear Name

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL Rear End

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL Interior

15 Responses to The Mercedes CL that put Rob Dyrdek on the C List

  1. mo younz says:

    how much for the car

  2. Ted Odonel says:

    I wouldn’t say that a Mercedes CL is an expensive one, at least I was expecting something more stylish from Dyrdek.

  3. Bias says:

    I can’t disagree with Ted, Rob Dyrdek is driving a simple Mercedes CL, shocked, I mean all other celebrities prefer more fancy auto like Bentley or Aston Martin.

  4. John says:

    Sh*t only a simple Mercedes CL in Switzerland even bums have this kind of cars, and after this he is called a celebrity.

  5. Willard says:

    Amazing, Rob Dyrdek is the first celebrity driving a simple car affordable for every American citizen 🙂

  6. Lebrun says:

    I am interested in this issue and I would be grateful if you’ll post something new on the same topic. I was looking around for this topic, and I am glad I hae found on your site a ot of helpful information. Great work!

  7. Gail says:

    I wouldn’t say that a Mercedes CL is an expensive one, at least I was expecting something more stylish from Dyrdek

  8. Stephen says:

    What’s the big deal about a Mercedes CL? Yes, it is a great car. But among celebrities, this car is like a Honda for us mere citizens. Now a Lamborghini would have caught me attention — and kept it — even more.

  9. Shelbie says:

    ya i know right…screw rob for not wasting money on a fancy car……god he must be a regular loser like everyone else…
    people are stupid as hell./….. just cause you have money doesnt mean you have to wipe youe A** with it….the guy has millions…he donates to charities he is active in his community and is hysterical…lets all hate him for not being a stuck up snobby celeb…if wasting money and being superficial is what qualifies you as a A lister….personnally ill keep watching the C list Rob Dyrdek!.

  10. Stacy says:

    He said it himself, he’s a SKATEBOARDER! Clearly, he is a much larger celebrity figure now after Rob & Big’s premiere, but at the time he was just a regular skateboarder dude with an Alien Workshop sponsorship. He’s not an NBA star. He’s a regular dude and it’s apparent he’d rather donate his money to charity than buy a Lamborghini like all you bitches are complaining about. He gave away his SUV in an episode. C’mon guys.

  11. John R. says:

    I find it funny how a new CL STARTS at $100,000 new, yet all the losers commenting above are saying its something an average American would drive. I would bet none of the losers above could afford a $100,000 car, heck they probably couldn’t afford a $30,000 car. The Mercedes CL/S-Class is a staple in a celebrities garage. Just to name a few…Rick Ross, Kanye West, Kourtney Kardashian, Ben Affleck all drive Mercedes S or CLs.

  12. Desaree says:

    right right I love dyrdek for all the people talking ish that’s just jealousy do you see a Michael Jackson day no. your so right he is a humanist and the kind of person I would love to be just to show people that money doesn’t change everyone just the selfish

  13. larry goodman says:

    I have a great respect for rob I gnothingrew up in Humboldt county as a sk8ter and he is an inspiration to all who sk8 I would love to meet that guy his money or what he droves means nothing but the things he does means everything to some of us

  14. Amanda says:

    Wow- so bc he chooses not to flaunt his money on a stupid car hes a loser? U people are the losers- what do u all drive?!?

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