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Pharrell Williams in his Black Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo is one of the most distinguished and rarest cars of this day and age. With it growing prestige and dying numbers due to countless wreck of this limited production car, it no wonder that show stopper Pharrell Williams would finish his look of with a sleek black Ferrari Enzo.  And what’s up with all the skateboarders getting Ferrari’s like Ryan Sheckler’s Ferrari F430.

Pharrell Williams Black Ferrari Enzo

4 Responses to Pharrell Williams in his Black Ferrari Enzo

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. brian says:

    this is the pic i took back in 2005 on shore drive in va beach man my picture is all over the net

  3. oscar says:

    this is pretty nice

  4. aftermarket power window switch says:

    That’s a fine looking Ferrari especially the color black. It seems that the Ferrari Enzo can only carry up to two persons judging from that small window despite of it’s large body. But I’ve heard that it has an overwhelming power and speed that can outrun you in the road.

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