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David Beckham has his Too: Lincoln Navigator

David Beckham Driving Navigator
Celebrity: David Beckham
Car: Lincoln Navigator

So just when I thought that Victoria would be the only one going uber custom with her Bentley, I came to find out that David Beckham just got his customized Lincoln Navigator with custom embroidery, strut like grill and some nice 24’s.

From the pictures I can see the car came from Galpin Motors, no word weather Galpin Auto Sports did the customizations but I will let you know as soon as I find out!

Also, stay tuned for the rest of his garage as soon as it is available… he still has a Black Escalade and a Black H2 all done up with Dub plates too!

David Beckham Navigator

David Beckham Navigator backside

8 Responses to David Beckham has his Too: Lincoln Navigator

  1. CassavaLeaf says:


  2. Tim says:

    Lincoln Navigator is a very reliable car, unfortunately it consumes pretty much fuel, but I don’t think that a problem for David.

  3. Karen says:

    From what I’ve read Beckham has like 10 VIP cars, I wonder why he isn’t affected by crisis.

  4. Otha says:

    Hubahubahuba, is that the 5th Beckham’s car if I am not wrong, I wonder when he will go bankrupt 🙂

  5. Francisco says:

    In spite of a base manufacturer’s suggested retail price of over $42,000 in 1998, the Navigator proved to be popular with nearly 44,000 sold in its first year.

  6. Joesph says:

    Although Lincoln Navigator is a very reliable car it is not eco friendly, it consumes way too much fuel.

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